Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Sew Stretchy Skirt.

The Monthly stitch challenge for May was Sew Stretchy, and following my new trend of completing my projects 2 months behind....I present you my Mabel skirt. I made this several weeks ago, but am only now posting photos. I chose version 3 the pencil skirt to add to my work wardrobe. I need more basics that can be mixed with different items and worn in several seasons. I chose a blue wool knit from my corner fabric and notion store Nancy's Sewing Basket. The fabric was stable and had the right amount of stretch and weight. This pattern can be done in a day, and I only needed to make a few fit adjustments. I cut the size 4 and ended up tapering down to a 2 on the front side seams and the waist. I am very straight with very little difference in my waist and hip measurements. The pattern instructions were simple and with the sewalong posted here, I was easily able to construct this skirt.

I breezed through the construction right up to the hem then became nervous about the twin needle hem.
Reading through the sewalong, I decided to take the advice from   Nancy Park "I think it is much easier to leave the bottom 2 inches of kick pleat seam open, use the twin needle to hem the skirt, then sew the final kick pleat seam. This seems to give better and flatter results."
I followed her tip and was pleased with my flat flap. These photos were taken after wearing this skirt all day and I do not think the back flap holds up well throughout the day. I am looking a little wrinkled with my photo bombing kitty.

Here is a nicer photos as I was starting my day .

I am pleased with this skirt and have worn it weekly since I made it. Although it is a simple pattern for beginners, I learned a few new skills and it was like eating cake and cake is good. 
Happy Sewing!


  1. A super basic skirt that ends up being the best skirt in the wardrobe ... it looks great ... J

    1. Your right, it has been a great wardrobe staple.

  2. I've made loads of skirts like this for work. Stretch fabric is great if you need to sit down a lot!

  3. That is a lovely skirt. The color and the pleat are fantastic. I botched the first thing I sewed with a twin needle so I understand the trepidation.

  4. Great looking skirt :)
    I find skirt sewing to be the hardest for me. I can never get the fit right, as I am not curvy what so ever. But when you finally get a skirt with *the* right fit, you tend to wear it to death....! :)

  5. I missed this before, glad to see that you are getting a bit of time time sew. The skirt looks like a perfect fit and great one for your lifestyle.