Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vintage Pattern Pledge item #2 completed !

I used blue wool jersey from Mood Fabrics that I originally I purchased for another Renfrew but did not have quite enough fabric. I searched my patterns and settled on Butterick 6222 from my vintage patterns. The pattern description says" Here is your top answer to a skirt. The perfectly simple blouse that can be made with short cropped sleeves and a jewel neckline (A); or with a band collar and cuffed bottom edge (B).Turtle neckline and short cropped sleeves (C). Sounds like a shirt for me.

 Yay! I'm finally caught up on goal adding another pattern to my Vintage Pattern Pledge and sewing from my stash.
I decided to sew version A and open up the neckline a little. I made it exactly as the pattern recommended except drafted my own facing to match the new neckline. One of the things I enjoy about sewing with vintage patterns is the new skills and techniques that the home sewer in 1950 would have known.

As the pattern instructs, I started with basting the pattern first to check the fit. (no mention of a toile or muslin). As I suspected, the shoulder area was too big and the waist a little snug, I took in the shoulder seam another 3/8 to be 1 inch total seam allowance and graded out the side seam to 1/2 inch instead of 5/8 in the waist. The back was also too broad so I extended the back darts. After getting the fit right I unpicked and resewed the seams and finished the back with machine button holes.
I had a hard time selecting buttons and was really over thinking it...

White is pretty and classic , but then do I have to wear it with white?

 Blue is safe but is that too boring? Some of them are really cute, but very large will it be uncomfortable to sit against?  While I was wallowing in my indecisiveness,the ladies at Nancy's Sewing Basket came to my rescue and helped me to select the perfect button. They have so many buttons on the wall that I didn't even see these, they are exactly what I was looking for, and neutral enough for me.

I finished the inside exactly as recommended in the vintage instructions, with hem tape and hand stitching.
The sleeve was finished with a narrow hem.

The inside of the blouse.

Here is the blouse untucked.  

If I had used a fabric that frayed easily I would have finished the edges with the serger but the wool jersey that is not problem.

Voila! another quick sewing project completed. For more photos of my fellow Vintage pledge sewists look at the Pinterest board created by A Stitching Odyssey.
Happy Sewing!


  1. So lovely -- the color is fantastic on you.

  2. I think I prefer it out, such lovely fit and lines.

    1. I will wear it out, I rarely wear things rucked in anyway and like you said , then the style shows better,

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love everything about this Jennifer and have of course added to the Pinterest board ;o)

  4. Ah it's awesome! The color is perfect on you (and that skirt is killer ;) )
    I can never find the right buttons. It is the hardest part of any project......

  5. The shirt is perfect. I love this color on you. I love your whole outfit. I think I need to make more separate then skirts, but they're just so easy to wear! I love the blue buttons and I don't think it's boring at all. I love your skirt, too!

  6. I nominated you for the Sunshine and Shine On award. See my blog for more info.

  7. You really suit this shade of blue, and the shape is lovely.

  8. Absolutely stunning! Everything about this top is perfect - the colour, the shape, the fabric AND those buttons. Definitely need to find myself a copy of this pattern.