Sunday, April 27, 2014

UFO's and Shiny Objects

I have not been as active with my sewing and blogging lately. Life has been busy leaving little time for play.

I started a new job in April,and no longer wear dental scrubs but regular work clothing. I was able to make do with what I owned the first week trying not to break my Ready to Wear Fast.  I have a confession.
 I had thought I could sew and not purchase anything new, but I have cheated and purchased a few items. Yes, I rationalized the first purchase of a sweater dress and button up cardigan, I do not know who to knit and they were on sale. The second time came much easier to cheat, I needed nicer Jeans to wear to work. I could probably learn to sew my own, bit when would I find the time and I still had so many other sewing plans. I did purchase responsibly, made in the USA and that makes me feel a little better, but regardless I have broke my fast and am no longer participating.

I had plans to complete my March The Monthly Stitch challenge Timeless Trenchcoat, and it is here.

Yes,  we have a UFO sighting.
I made a muslin prepared the fabric but have not yet cut it out.  Now it is April and I am just squeezing in a last minute The Monthly Sitch Sewing Double . Not only was I overly ambitious about my goals I was also easily distracted by every shiny new object.
From top left to right Winifred dress andCoco shirt
,Bottom left to right  Flora dress and,Moneta dress

 I was inspired by Clio So Sexy Sew Along and joined that, I have the pattern and fabric planned for a black silk slip, but again it has not been cut another Un Finished Object.

Here we are the end of April and I had planned to do this for Sew for Victory

                                                    Yes, still not completed or even cut.
Look...more UFO's a Bow tie blouse from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing promised to my daughter in white wool jersey.

I decided that I needed to review the Wardrobe Architect and my personal wardrobe plans. This helped me focus on what I needed to fill the gaps in my wardrobe and focus on my aesthetic and silhouettes that flatter me. Here are some things gathered on my Pinterest Board. I really like the simple French Style with minimal classic pieces to mix and match.

Reading my blog feed I came across this post from  Rachel of House of Pinheiro, Sewing Blissfully  Perfect timing for me as I was reflecting on my sewing and UFO's
I have come to peace with my sewing and am no longer feeling guilty about not completing tasks. I am also dropping out of the the Ready to Wear Fast. I will only buy things that I love and that are quality made. I want my sewing to be the same. I have decided to drop out of Me Made May  and Sew for Victory. I look forward to seeing what my fellow bloggers create.
 I plan to continue with the Monthly Stitch Challenge and using them to complete items that fill gaps in my wardrobe. I will complete the Trench coat even though it may be really late. I will try to complete my the Vintage Pattern Pledge sewing again items that are in my plan.

I  may sew a few other simple fast items in the meantime but I plan to be more focused when I sew and enjoy the process by sewing blissfully.
Happy Sewing!


  1. No guilt:). I hope you're enjoying your new job!

    1. Denise, you are right. The new job is different but fun. Hope all is well with you,

  2. Life makes changes necessary, but the new job is a good thing to cause change. Stopping to take stock is good, and your plans sound very well thought out. Maybe I can help with some of it when I get there.

    1. We will see what I am working on when you get here. I should save my hand stitching for the expert :)

  3. Congrats on the new job! Life is always busy and you shouldn't feel guilty about buying what you need. Good luck with all your projects -- looking forward to seeing your finished products.

    1. Thank you! I know all of these things, but it is nice to hear it from others,

  4. Good for you for acknowledging what you can realistically accomplish. It's so easy to get caught up in the latest online sewalong, but if you take on too much, it stops being fun. Just enjoy what you're doing and don't worry about self-imposed deadlines. Life's too short to worry about your hobby! :)