Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vogue 1169 goes to

The winner of the Vogue 1169 Jacket and Skirt is 

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HarilunaJanuary 11, 2014 at 12:48 PM
Yes please! I've been drooling over that pattern for a while now and watching for an affordable one on eBay :)

Comment with your email or contact me through my email. I would love to see your sewn garment  :)

I have dropped off my Pfaff to the spa and apparently it is what everyone does in January and they are busier than normal. In the meantime while my sewing space is still in disarray, but new plumbing has been repaired and after a few weeks of using the corner laundromat, I have a working Washer and Dryer.

I thought I would post the transformation of my sewing space as things are slowly repaired.
With all my sewing space Spring cleaning,  I have been working on unclutter My Sewing Suite. What do you think?
Tomorrow I will post fabric.


  1. I've just sent you an email. WOW thankyou! :)))

  2. Will watch with interest, perhaps I will be inspired to unclutter mine as well.

  3. The fabric looks great, and so are your plans for your sewing space. This will surely keep your inspiration overflowing once it’s done. Also, it’s a relief that your plumbing woes are finally over. Now you will have the peace of mind you needed and can concentrate on your other projects.

    Kurt Verdejo @ Total Plumbing