Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Monthly Stitch Challenge:Sewing on the Singer Featherweight

January's The Monthly Stitch Challenge was to learn a new skill. While my machine was visiting the spa I decided to break out my daughter's Singer Featherweight 221 and use it to sew a skirt for her.
She wanted the High Waisted Full Skirt in Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing but with out the scalloped waist.

The book shows this exact modification so I thought it would be a nice simple project for the featherweight. She picked out a classic black wool from Nancy's Sewing Basket and we decided to underline it with silk organza to give it more fullness.
The modifications that I made were to add 1 inch seam allowances in the side seams only to allow for adjustments in the future. She likes her skirts to be right at her knee with a petticoat underneath so I took 7 inches off of the bottom and plan to have a 2 inch hem. This pattern is really pretty simple to construct and the fit was very close to the pattern measurements.

Sewing with the Singer Featherweight was a dream. I really enjoyed the slow sewing on this skirt, applying several vintage details along the way. I even figured out how to do a back stitch by lifting the stitch length lever all the way up. The invisible zipper is not as invisible as I would like, other than that it did an excellent job sewing even strong stitches. The machine sews like an industrial hefty machine but really is "feather like" when transporting it.

In my effort to improve my sewing and learn new skills, I recently signed up for another Craftsy Class: 40-Techniques Every Sewer Should Know by Gail Yellen. Already in the first lesson, Pressing Matters I have learned how to press my seams properly.

                                                      With a petticoat or with out?

The skirt has passed all of the important tests of daily wear.

                                  and it twirls nicely. What more could a girl ask for ?


  1. Lovely! I was contemplating signing up for the same Craftsy class -- did you find it useful?

    1. I have only completed two lessons, but have already learned many valuable tips and techniques. It is one of the best Sewing classes that I have taken. I would highly recommend it, especially if they are having a sale.

  2. I love all my Craftsy courses. Great outfit.

  3. You are both blessed, you with a lovely model, her with a willing mom! She looks adorable!

    1. Yes, I am lucky to have a cooperative, lovely model, she gets gets new clothes out of the deal after all,.