Thursday, January 30, 2014

Uniquely You Dressform

I posted in October that I was Dreaming of a Dressform. I ended up with the Uniquely You (size small). I have unpacked her and set her up in my dining room during my basement construction. When I look at her I am not sure she will be my size and she is rather pointy. My family is certain that I ordered the wrong size and made a mistake.
She comes with a sheath like cover that you fit to your body and then zip it up on the form to be more like you. I have seen several positive reviews online.  Here is the size 4 fit so far without any alterations and in regular undergarments. I can see that I will need to make an adjustment in the shoulders, the bust, and the high bust. It is very snug in the waist and fits perfect in the hips.

It is very snug in the waist and fits perfect in the hips. The instructions advise you to fit it like second skin with no ease. You start by ripping out the lower half of the stitches in the side seams below the waist. Then fit the top half before restitching the side seams.
  While I am making the alterations to the fitting sheath I decided to dress my full figured friend with a vintage slip. My family is very happy she is covered up, they found her a little distracting.
What do you think about naming sewing machines and dressforms? My machine is unnamed but, I feel like my quiet friend should have a name. After spending some quality time with my dressform yesterday, I have decided I would name her. Right now she seems like a Marilyn or maybe a Joan, but that may change as she is modified to become more my size.

What do you think about naming sewing machines and dressforms? My machine is unnamed but, I feel like my quiet friend should have a name. After spending some quality time with my dressform yesterday, I have decided I would name her. Right now she seems like a Marilyn or maybe a Joan, but that may change as she is modified to become more my size.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pattern Giveaway

I purchased these while back for my daughters to make summer skirts. I have a few other patterns that we have used now and never got around to sewing these.  In my effort to store less patterns and organize my space I am giving away all three. 
Butterick 5613 in size AA( 6-8-10-12) a few pattern pieces are cut but excellent condition. McCall's 6327 and 6289 In Size AA(6-8-10-12) uncut in factory folds
Butterick 5613

Need some inspiration?
I found this set of lovelies from Carolyn at Allspice Abounds.

McCall's 6327

This version is very cool by Jennifer Boussert at Blog Couture Facile.

McCall's 6289

Kim reviewed this pattern on sewing pattern reviews, she styled it with a short sleeved T and then in the other photos on her blog Kopy Kat Kim, she added tights and a leather jacket to extend the season.

After searching some of these online, I almost decided to keep them. 
Leave a comment if you would like to be entered into the drawing, I will use the random number generator again and pick a winner next week 2/4/14.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

and the Fabric goes to....

                       Rosemary GriffinJanuary 22, 2014 at 6:42 PM
            I'd love to be entered in the give away. It is beautiful fabric.

Send me an email with your address and I will get this fabric mailed out to you. Please share your creation when you can. No deadlines. 
I will be posting more tomorrow and later this week as things are slowly progressing on the construction and I may be able to move back into my space by the end of next week.  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Monthly Stitch Challenge:Sewing on the Singer Featherweight

January's The Monthly Stitch Challenge was to learn a new skill. While my machine was visiting the spa I decided to break out my daughter's Singer Featherweight 221 and use it to sew a skirt for her.
She wanted the High Waisted Full Skirt in Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing but with out the scalloped waist.

The book shows this exact modification so I thought it would be a nice simple project for the featherweight. She picked out a classic black wool from Nancy's Sewing Basket and we decided to underline it with silk organza to give it more fullness.
The modifications that I made were to add 1 inch seam allowances in the side seams only to allow for adjustments in the future. She likes her skirts to be right at her knee with a petticoat underneath so I took 7 inches off of the bottom and plan to have a 2 inch hem. This pattern is really pretty simple to construct and the fit was very close to the pattern measurements.

Sewing with the Singer Featherweight was a dream. I really enjoyed the slow sewing on this skirt, applying several vintage details along the way. I even figured out how to do a back stitch by lifting the stitch length lever all the way up. The invisible zipper is not as invisible as I would like, other than that it did an excellent job sewing even strong stitches. The machine sews like an industrial hefty machine but really is "feather like" when transporting it.

In my effort to improve my sewing and learn new skills, I recently signed up for another Craftsy Class: 40-Techniques Every Sewer Should Know by Gail Yellen. Already in the first lesson, Pressing Matters I have learned how to press my seams properly.

                                                      With a petticoat or with out?

The skirt has passed all of the important tests of daily wear.

                                  and it twirls nicely. What more could a girl ask for ?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fabric Stash Giveaway

If this fabric strikes your fancy leave me a comment letting me know what you plan to make with it. I will use the Random Number Generator and choose the winner 1/26/14.
I originally purchased 3 yards of this pre-fused Micro Suede from Gorgeous Fabrics last February to make a trench coat. The fabric came with a Gorgeous Fabrics tag that I am including with the fabric.

The other side

I know I am not the first one to be inspired to clean up my space after a flooded basement, Carolyn from Diary if a Sewing Fanatic had a similar experience in July. I do have a working washer and dryer now. Yay!  No more quality time at the laundromat! Who knew doing laundry could make me smile so much.
I have decided to limit myself to the dedicated space that I have and when that is full I can not purchase anymore fabric. Hopefully, this will help me to be more selective and purchase fabric that I will use and store less. 

Here is my space. I am graciously sharing the bottom right shelf with my daughter who sews, but the rest is all mine. I am slowly putting the fabric back on the shelves as I sort through it.
As I am going through my fabric and organizing what I would like to keep. I decided to cut swatches and use a  Free Fabric Stash Book that I downloaded a while back and stashed it away in a file on my computer only motivated to print it now.

 Do you have a technique for keeping track or organizing your fabric?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vogue 1169 goes to

The winner of the Vogue 1169 Jacket and Skirt is 

Comment #1
HarilunaJanuary 11, 2014 at 12:48 PM
Yes please! I've been drooling over that pattern for a while now and watching for an affordable one on eBay :)

Comment with your email or contact me through my email. I would love to see your sewn garment  :)

I have dropped off my Pfaff to the spa and apparently it is what everyone does in January and they are busier than normal. In the meantime while my sewing space is still in disarray, but new plumbing has been repaired and after a few weeks of using the corner laundromat, I have a working Washer and Dryer.

I thought I would post the transformation of my sewing space as things are slowly repaired.
With all my sewing space Spring cleaning,  I have been working on unclutter My Sewing Suite. What do you think?
Tomorrow I will post fabric.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Sewing Space Pattern Stash Giveaway

**This Drawing is Closed**

2014  has been a busy year on the sewing front and not because I have completed many garments or sewn a priceless couture masterpiece.
 We had a basement flood near my sewing space shortly after the new year. Luckily it was discovered in time and I quickly moved my things out of the way. I am now set up at the dining room table and with a family who eats at this table several times a day I have to be portable. Tilly and the Buttons recently posted on sewing in a shared space with loads of tips. I have yet to follow the clean up your space and make it look pretty part....hopefully I will improve.

As I we wait for the contractors and plumbers to give estimates to fix some of the damage I am trying to box up some things that I will not be using  in the next 6 wks or so and put them together in a space that I can access if needed. As I am going through my patterns and fabric and choosing what to box and what to leave out, I have decided to join many others in the sewing community and go on a fabric diet or pattern diet.
I have many vintage patterns for sale in my Etsy shop and even more modern patterns that have never been used and probably will sit tucked away.
Kathy from The Nerdy Seamstress started giving away one pattern a month from her stash as she started to develop her personal style and realize that she had many patterns in her stash that she would not fit her well or her style. The cleaning and boxing of my sewing things made me realize I have many patterns that I will probably not sew and much fabric purchased on a whim that does not represent me. Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic has been doing the same with her fabric stash over the last year.

So I have decided when I am packing things up over the next few days I will also purge patterns and fabric that I know I will not sew or do not fit my lifestyle. Instead of continuing to store these lovelies I will set them free to a new home to be sewn up and loved.
The first Pattern is Vogue 1169 Rebecca Taylor Jacket and Skirt in sizes (6-12) . I love this pattern and the skirt has really cute details but I have a pencil skirt and peplum top Burda Style 8/2012 that I sewed last year that is very similar in a grey wool suiting.
Vogue 1169 

 Leave a comment by Friday 1/17/14  if this pattern is for you. I will be trying the random number generator to  choose the new owner.

As I am trying to complete the Think Pink dress this weekend in the dining room I now know how lucky I am to have a dedicated sewing space


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I made a Purse!

I was thrilled to be selected to be a pattern tester for The Presidio Purse pattern by Seamstress Erin.

One of the goals for sewing that I have set for myself is to expand my skills and learn new techniques. With this pattern I had two firsts: my first pattern testing and my first purse.
I downloaded the pattern and decided which version I would use, then went to my fabric store Nancys Sewing Basket to shop. I was not sure what I wanted but knew I wanted to stick to my aesthetic and choose something classic and since this was a test and my first purse I wanted to keep with in a budget. 
I found this Navy cotton twill with a slightly raised stripe.

 I chose a black "pen proof"liner suggested by the staff at Nancy's, Heavy interfacing, Two silver colored D rings and a long heavy silver colored metal zip all for the grand total of: $27.00

December is a very busy month for me, along with the typical December busy things both of my daughters were performing, my oldest daughter turned 17, and the big husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage! Unusual for me I did some procrastinating, I started one day before the deadline and I tackled the project hoping that it would go smoothly. I am pleased to announce that it did. The most difficult part was lining up the optional front inserts for detail.

Front of the Purse Completed.
I changed "Pen Proof "Lining pockets. In the original design the large one is zippered and since I was short on time and had forgotten to purchase one I left the pocket open. 

I really like the zipper pull.

The instructions for assembly were so well explained that the pattern was a joy to sew. The pattern is available from Seamstress Erin for $13.00
I will make another, maybe in a tan/taupe/beige leather and a pretty lining fabric finishing the inside pocket with a zipper this time.
Now off for the day, I am sure this purse will fill my needs for room as I tend to purchase dinner items and almost always a bottle of vino on my way home.