Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Pretty Portrait Blouse

I sewed another Portrait blouse from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing
I actually sewed this last week and have already worn it twice, I am only now getting to the pictures.
The fabric is 1 yard of ivory 4 ply silk crepe with slight stretch from Gorgeous Fabrics sitting in my stash . This fabric is a dream to sew with, and feels yummy against my skin. If only all of my things be made from this lovely fabric.
Since the pattern had already been adjusted for me it was a quick sew. I spent about 30 mins  laying out the fabric and cutting it out one evening. I debated on using the facings around the neck or finish with bias tape because my fabric is ivory and the facings may show. I went with the facings. The next day I squeezed in 30 mins of sewing and was ready to check the fit.
One and a half  hours on the third day to interface and sew in the facings. I am hoping the fabric is thick enough and the facings will work and not show through the blouse. Gertie's book has really great instructions and illustrations. Following her instructions for hemming thin fabric, I hemmed the sleeves and the bottom by stitching  3/8 inch, then another stitch just to the left.
                               Then pressed it under and completed with the final stitch.

 Gertie's book recommend that you finish your seams several ways, I choose to do a zigzag stitch on my machine.

 Then off to my local fabric and notions store (Nancy's Sewing Basket) to purchase a zipper and a few items for a another project. Finally the hand picked zipper.

If you are not sure about lapped zippers check out this free Craftsy Zipper tutorial.
Next I hand picking the edge of the facing and a good press.

  After 3 hours total time I was done. I needed a quick easy project after the last ambitious quilted bathrobe.

                                                  Casual with blazer and jeans or dressed up.

I changed this one by opening up the neckline a little and adding 2 inches to the length to allow me to wear it with more things. The facings show through slightly so I may end up unpicking and redoing the neckline.

My first version is here. I love it but can only wear it with high waisted items because of the length. I may not have my finger on the fashion pulse but I do know that when you are over forty you should not show your midriff. I plan to add more high waisted things to my wardrobe as I think they are much more flattering in general.
I am still working on the "Think Pink" dress. The bodice muslin has been completed and adjusted and now ready for a second fitting. I really, really glad I made a muslin. I will post the details soon.


  1. Very cute! I've always liked a neckline like that. The blazer you paired it with is gorgeous too by the way!