Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dreamy Quilted Robe

What are the rules with Christmas gifts? Are they considered on time as long as they are given with in the year like weddings? I have been busy working away on a project that was requested last Christmas but the pattern arrived after Christmas and life continued on while the pattern was filed away. I had a week of time with no extra days working and a husband away on a fishing trip so I decided I would finish it for my daughter to have now as her current robe is well worn and stained.
The inspiration Photo is a gorgeous quilted robe from  Dollhouse Bettie, the photos online are so dreamy.
The robe is no longer available.

Snuggle up in this new old stock quilted robe. Classic 50s style is fashioned from shimmering ivory satin and has a stylized peaked collar trimmed with pink piping. The fluffy quilted exterior is lined with pink nylon tricot for addition warmth and comfort. Robe secures with an interior side tie and hidden snap, then ties with an exterior self fabric belt. Cuffs and bottom hem are hand stitched with satin ribbon trim. Robe maintains the original paper tag which reads, "Size 18." Measures 18 along the shoulder, 42 at the bust, 32 waist, hip free, 57 in length from the neck to the bottom hem. Fits a size S/34 as shown, best fitting a fuller M/36 or L/38. Garment is in mint condition, and is without flaws.

I decided I could create this using this pattern purchased from JuneeMoonVintage on Etsy.

 I had purchased  4 yards of off white satin charmeuse from last year intended for this project and planned on quilting it with another similar weight  fabric.The pattern arrived after Christmas and life continued. I had occasional reminders from my daughter that she still needed a robe.

When I temporarily lost my mind, and pulled this project back out to complete it before Christmas 2013. I decided to use china silk lining in an ivory and quilt the entire fabric before cutting out the pattern. As I laid out the yards and yards on my kitchen floor (which by the way had to be freshly mopped ). I decided that it was too much fabric for me to deal with so I cut out the pattern loosely to make a big section for each pattern and then started quilting it together. I used my quilting seam guide and measured out the lines. I started with the pockets, then the sleeves, then tackled the large back section. It seemed easy and fun and I got into sort of a rhythm. I had started to understand why quilters enjoyed quilting.

 Six Bobbins later, I had completed the front right side. I proudly displayed my work for my daughter. She said the design was different and that the front looked more like diamonds and the rest more like squares. Hmmm... . I looked at it and she was right, now at this moment I thought I might actually cry. I generally do not cry but I have found some frustrating moments when sewing that have pushed me to tears.

I know many of my fellow sewists have been in a similar situation. I put it away for a few hours then decided I would unpick the second crosswise row of seams while watching Call the Midwife on Netflix. It went fairly fast and a day later I was ready to carefully measure comparing it to the back sections and get the correct.angle to match the squares. Now I am ready to carefully measure and quilt the left front piece to match the right. Although I doubt there will be a next time, the lesson I have learned is to quilt the entire portion of fabric then it will be the same. The assembly of the pattern is really simple, or so it seems from this point. I plan to assemble the robe then wait for the Light Blue 40 Denier Tricot for the lining to arrive from
Glamorous, dreamy robe photos to follow ( I hope). Wish me luck.


  1. Oh NO. I hate it when that happens. It'll be lovely :)

  2. You have wonderful patience, and I understand the crying part! Before I got my current machine I was screaming at my old one!
    It will be so lovely, I know Paige will treasure it!

  3. I agree! You have amazing patience to unpick that and do it all over! I would have said it's a part of a design. It looks amazing, I really love it! :)

  4. Wow, I don't think I would have unpicked that. Well maybe, but over a very long space of time. I hope the rest of the robe goes well and that the person who wears it appreciates all your hard work :)

  5. It will be a beautiful gift whenever it is given.