Friday, November 15, 2013

Gertie's' NBBS: The Portrait Blouse

When I first read Gertie's Blog post post on this blouse I knew I wanted to sew it. I purchased the fabric at Nancy's Sewing Basket in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. The fabric is not my usually basic colors that I typically choose but I really loved it so I went for it. The Fabric is a dark teal green in a linen, cotton and silk blend.

 The fabric is very sheer and I decided to underline it in a seafoam green china silk. Working with the two fabrics as one I sewed the darts and all of the seams. I did a narrow hem for the neckline and the sleeves and added the hand picked zipper. I used the size 4 then did my usual alterations of 1/2 inch to adjust for my narrow shoulders. I finished the exposed seams with pinking shears.This blouse was a quick and fun project using very little yardage.  I plan to sew another in a 4 ply ivory silk charmeuse next.

 I did not learn as many new skills with this one, but gained more practice at some of these:
1. Working with slippery fabrics.
2. Narrow Hems
3.Underlining a sheer fabric
4. Hand Picked Zipper. ( Really has become my new favorite zipper application)

Narrow Hems
Hand Picked Zipper
The fabric was slippery and frustrated me a little as it always looked like it was fraying. 

 After looking at these pants in these photos, I realized they need to go to a new home. I have not worn them in a year or so and I thought they fit better, but clearly I was mistaken. 

I think the blouse looks its best tucked into a high waisted garment like my Pencil Skirt.


  1. Your top looks great! and that deep ocean greeny blue is just glorious on you :)

  2. Love seeing you in more color, as now and at the wedding! Keep it up! The blouse is lovely, and wonderful with the skirt. You could make a jacket to go with the skirt and have a great suit!

  3. Beautifully done and your fabric is so richly textured. Love it.

  4. You're doing such a great job making the patterns from the book look gorgeous! A long while ago I was hoping to do what you're doing - go through Gertie's book and learn all that I could by making each of her patterns. But, then I wasn't really taken with them. I guess it takes seeing someone else's interpretation sometimes to really value a nice pattern? That's probably why blogs and social sewing sites are so important! I'm glad you're learning so much, and I look forward to your next make!

  5. Yowza! The blouse with the pencil skirt is gorgeous!!

  6. Yes! I love it with that high-waisted skirt! Beautiful, I may need to pick up a copy of that book for myself :)