Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dressform Decision

Thank you for all of your suggestions and input, I have decided to go with a custom padded or plaster dressform.
 I have a short torso and narrow shoulders and found the others with the dials would not reflect those areas properly. The main reason I want a dress form is for help fitting and those two areas are always problems spots for me. 
I have narrowed it down to 3 choices.

                             1. My Twin Plaster Dressform

Last year when I was considering a purchase I stumbled upon the My Twin Dressform not to be confused with the Dritz twin-fit, the My Twin is a plaster dressform kit...although I am still uneasy about the whole standing still while being plastered. My teen daughter seems to think I should do this one and she has volunteered to do it. That also leaves me a little suspicious.
The website is no longer working and I have read on sewing pattern review that I should google Lynda Schoppe, the owner of My Twin. My inner sleuth wanted to find out more so I waited until Monday at a sensible hour to call and found that the phone number listed is for someone else. It looks as though they are no longer in business although I found the facebook page and messaged her. 

2. Uniquely You Dressform 
Go Sew Yourself

 The reviews and research for the uniquely you seem to fit my fitting needs better plus the price is in the middle ground. I found the best price was on Amazon for $189.99 and that includes the cover, and free shipping.
I found many reviews online and helpful tips,two of my favorites are Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress, and Shona Stitches I especially enjoyed the you tube video of the unpack. You can watch it here Uniquely You Dressform Unpack.

3. Fabulous Fit
Fabulous Fit
This one is a significant investment at around $400 with fitting pads. The pros seem to be the base has wheels, there are legs for fitting pants and The arms pin-on at the shoulder, and bend for testing the elbow length and arm position. I also think this one is prettier and I like that it is located in Brooklyn and a product of the US. 
 The smallest size shoulders are 4 1/2 and my shoulder is 3 1/2 and that has me concerned so I decided I would also call them with my shoulder questions. I spoke with the super helpful Alice. She recommended I order the size 2 for the shoulders then round the extra shoulder down into the arm area. The size 2 measurements are smaller than my size so I would then pad it out to be my size.

With the My Twin company having no contact information that leaves it to two options. The Uniquely You has many favorable reviews and the Fabulous Fit has one bad review along with a several good ones. It sounds as both have a little homework that has to be completed with the fitting process and can be refitted if a size change occurs or you would like to use it on someone else.
Any advice or things I should consider?
I have decided to do with the Uniquely You.


  1. Have you made a decision yet? I selfishly want you to look into the Dress Form classes at Sewing and Design School in Tacoma (http://www.sewinganddesignschool.com). Actually, I just peeked over there, and those classes might be on hold until next June... I guess that could be good for me! Maybe my body will be back to some semblance of normal by then... Hmmm... As an aside, they're also hosting a NY trip next May, and I thought $375 seemed like a steal until I realized it doesn't cover transportation, hotel, food, entry prices, etc. (http://www.sewinganddesignschool.com/module/class.htm?classId=49381). But, I'm still curious about a sewing-focused trip to NYC!

    1. I decided on the Uniquely You , I would like to do the class in June but I am impatient. I would love a NY sewing trip. Maybe we could create our own.