Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gertie's NBBS October Project : The Sultry Sheath

New Skills accomplished.:
1. All in one Facing
2. Underlining a Dress with silk organza

3. Working with Silk Duchess Satin
4. Lapped Hand Picked Zipper (Probably my personal favorite skill...I may use     this for all my zippers)

Since I already own the book with the pattern  and have used it here Skirted Playsuit and Here Shirtwaist Dress so I have decided I will not add the cost into the total.

Fabric: Silk Duchess Satin (60" wide) from Mood Fabrics $50/ yard purchased 1            1/2 yard plus enough other fabric to qualify for free shipping. I had                 very little left over so I need to be sure I make no mistakes.

           Silk Organza  $14/ yard purchased 1 1/2 yard from Nancy's Sewing                  Basket in Seattle.

           Notions and belt making supplies from Nancy's Sewing Basket  $8.00

Total cost of dress right around $100.00

I liked the pattern and the instructions were very easy to follow. The only thing I would change next time is the shoulders. It was difficult to wear the dress and keep the shoulders in place. I used garment tape to accomplish this.
The rest of the fit was exactly as expected. and the duchesse silk satin was very nice to sew with.


  1. That looks GREAT. Is that the dress for the wedding you mentioned?

  2. Gorgeous dress!!! Good to know about the shoulders though. Gertie does seem to favor the off the shoulder look in many of her patterns, and I've always wondered whether they stay in place!

  3. You looked fabulous at the wedding, and you are a great dancer, too!

  4. Gorgeous look so beautiful in it! Hope the wedding was fun!

  5. Beautiful fabric, Beautiful fit. Beautiful job!