Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Couture Class Drop out


Its officially fall and feels like it here in Seattle, The weather forecast has been filled with rain which makes me more inclined to be in my basement sewing. One of my goals that I have set for myself is to improve my sewing skills by taking classes. I really enjoyed the last Craftsy Class Sew The Perfect Fit with Lynda Maynard.
I initially planned on signing up for one of the many classes on sale last month, but decided to finish a class that I had started previously. Way back in Spring 2012, I signed up for Craftsy Class:The Couture Dress with Susan Kahje to treat myself with birthday money from my grandmother.I tried to watch the class and complete the pattern that was included, but sadly failed. 

Now I am not proud of this, but after completing 6 of the 15 lessons I stopped and basically dropped out. I used another pattern, Butterick 5748  instead.

            I completed the dress but not the couture techniques. 

While trying to complete my Gerties NBBS Sultry Sheath I decided to squeeze in a little time for education and start over on the couture class. As I listened to my first lesson and the introduction I asked myself "What is Couture Sewing anyway?"
Susan explains"Couture Sewing is like gourmet cooking,or sewing the way your grandmother used to sew with out shortcuts" .
In the second lesson Topic 1: Muslin: preparing and marking the muslin and pattern. Susan recommends that you use stitching lines not cutting lines for seam allowance, mark 5/8 line on tissue pattern from all cutting lines. You can usually use your tape measure as  most metal edges of tape measure are 5/8". She recommends you mark your hem as well. She demonstrates how to prepare your muslin fabric and cutting loosely not along the pattern edge.
She goes on to discuss personal design choices such as changing the waist and cutting on the bias instead of straight of grain as the pattern recommends. Susan adds a 3/4 sleeve to the dress she is sewing and chooses a plaid wool to show us how to line up a plaid pattern.
I plan to complete this class similar to the last one by doing one lesson or topic a week. I am not sure if I will use this pattern or another. 
Has anyone else taken this class? Did you use this pattern or another one?


  1. I took the class and learned a lot. However, I used a different pattern. I made my daughters prom dress. Since the gown was fluffy I took forever! But, It turned out beautifully. I still use the techniques I learned in the class.

  2. You make me wish I were sewing for myself again, all I learned was from a Vogue sewing book. However, my age, life style, and body just aren't incentive enough to go through all that. Maybe if I had someone young and lovely to sew for.......

  3. oh my gosh, your dress is so lovely! i love the print and the flowly bottom!

    lindsey louise


  4. I bought the class, and even watched most of the lessons, but only got around to actually starting the dress (the one the course demonstrates on) this week, so Ill be watching your progress with interest.