Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seattle Art Museum : 30 years of Japanese fashion


Today I went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the special exhibit Future Beauty 30 Years of Japanese Fashion. The exhibit has been on display from June 27 until September 8th. I wanted to see it earlier but waited until it was the last week and lucky me the first Thursday of the month is free for all exhibits.

The photos are either purchased postcards from the gift shop or found on the SAM website along with various Google searches. There are two that I took with my camera before I was told "No Photos". The photos are not nearly the same as seeing the garments up close with all the textures and layers. It was really well worth viewing in person.
Here is my virtual tour of the exhibit for those of you that have not already been to see it.

Rei Kawakubo really made me think. They are all truly works of art but not something I could see someone wearing. 
Rei Kawakubo Comme des Garçons, Autumn/ Winter 1995. Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute. Photo Takashi Hatakeyama

This pink knit skirt had a huge bustle stuffed with white tulle and more tulle coming from below the bottom  of the skirt. It was paired with a matching pink sweater top.

My favorite designer was Yohji Yamamoto. His designs were made from beautiful fabrics and design.
I am not sure about function on this one but it was oh so pretty with all the quilted layers.

This was one of the photos taken before realizing that this was a no photo section.
Autumn /Winter 1995-96 Collection

This one was gorgeous I wish I could have photographed it.

Spring/Summer 1998
White Silk and Wool Satin

  Junya Watanabe's collections went from being very bright and whimsical to chic and glamorous.The accordion folds in the dress were made from polyester organdy.

                               Junya Watanabe, Autumn/Winter 2000
                                       Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Takashi Hatakeyama

Spring/Summer 2002 Collection
Washed Blue Denim

Autumn/Winter 2009 2010 Collection
Black Nylon Taffeta with gold chain.
So pretty..the other one of my Photos.

Junya Watanabe Spring//Summer 2003
Polychrome Landscape-printed cotton plain weave; tapered bags and wired headgear with white padding.

The print on the fabric had a vintage look along with the "saddlebags" and the umbrella looking hat I thought this girl is prepared for anything but still looks fabulous. 
They had a film of the Spring/Summer runway show playing that was very fun. The runway had a rainfall in the center and the models walked through it with reversible sheath dresses that converted to a rain dress. A very chic look for the rain.

Many others to share.
Naoki Takizawa dress was printed silk charmeuse and had matching boots.
ISSEY MIYAKE ( Naoki Takizawa) + Aya Takano / Kaikai Kiki Autumn/Winter 2004 Collection Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute,Gift of ISSEY MIYAKE INC.

Jun Takahashi  Autumn /Winter 2000-2001
Tartan Plaid Mohair skirt and jacket with pants that have gold sequins on them.
Seattle Art Museum

Jun Takahashi Spring /Summer 2007
 Red polyester covered in organdy decorations. This one looked like spiral red hair ringlets from a distance.
Seattle Art Museum

Another one that I have to mention is the Kosuke Tsumura 2012 Final Home Nylon Jacket.

This was really cool and useful. There are loads of pockets that can be stuffed with anything you may need for your day out or whatever you collect and bring home. The exhibit garment was very pretty stuffed with silk flowers.

 There was so much more that I would love to show you. I recommend that you go to the exhibit is it is in your area. The textiles and construction are amazing to see. If only I could have touched them, but I am sure that would be against the rules.


  1. I wish I could have gone with you today! Glad you had a great time!

  2. I would have loved to have been with you as well. How fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this!