Thursday, September 26, 2013

Completed Slip, well almost.

 The slip is complete. I am hanging it overnight before I hem the bottom because it is cut on the bias.  I plan on hand sewing the the vintage lace applique that I found at my favorite fabric store .  I would like to show it on because I feel it looks best that way but I am to modest to wear it in a photo for all of you so the hanger is the best I have for now.  A dress form would be nice for this.

 I used this pattern from Mrs Depew on Etsy. I drafted the slip to a size 34 inch bust measurement instead of my high bust of 32 inches. I drafted the pattern and quickly sewed up a muslin in poly crepe and satin not on the bias and the fit seamed fine.

  I cut the silk charmeuse, carefully sewed the french seams and made bias binding to finish the top edge and straps. All was well and actually quite enjoyable. I was really thinking that I should sew up several of these for nightgowns to give away as gifts because it was so beautiful and simple. 

Tiny French Seam
Bias Tape

I completed the straps and pinned them on for a fitting still feeling pretty good about the project.

The fitting did not go well, I didn't realize how much the fit would change using the drapey bias fabric. It was too large along the top and sides. I had to unpick carefully all of my beautiful stitches  and take in the side seams even more. The other things that I struggled with was the bias tape on the top to finish the edges weighed down the fabric and caused it to be droopy. I started again with a thinner strip hoping that would fix the droopy top. I have fidgeted with this slip for 3 days now and decided that I will live with it the way it is. It feels dreamy and looks pretty but I should have cut a smaller size to match my high bust measurement. Then I would have had a better fit through the chest and shoulders I will attempt another one next week as a gift for a friend and soon to be family member who is getting married in a few weeks. The bride to be is my size so I will redraft the pattern in a smaller size and see how it turns out. While my slip wasn't as dreamy as I had imagined it turned out well enough and will serve its purpose for wearing under my Liberty Lawn Shirtwaist Dress.


  1. Too cute!! I love it :) I need to make myself some slips/lingerie I've been wanting to make too! I also wouldn't want to post a pic of myself model those either, so I don't blame you there :) Very nice, Jenn!

  2. Your work is lovely, indeed. So sorry the fit wasn't perfect, but I know you will enjoy wearing it.