Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sew the Perfect Fit: Finally the Sleeves

Like a good student I have watched the next lesson in a timely manner as recommended by my teacher.
I have completed Lesson 8: Sleeves from the  Sew The Perfect Fit  that I am taking on Craftsy taught by Lynda Maynard. In this lesson Lynda reviews fitting a rounded and a narrow shoulder along with making the sleeve less restricting and more comfortable. Again Lynda cuts and slashes into the muslin along the lines that are placed purposely to show if the garment hangs properly. In the beginning when the muslin is created we added these extra lines. Now as I near the end of the course, I understand the concept behind it.

Amy from Sew Well  posted on our fitting session and sleeves, specifically gussets last week.   During our group fitting sessions, we did not get to do any sleeve adjustments.
I had small adjustments to my sleeve to accommodate my narrow shoulders, which is typical for me. You can see from the right the sleeve sits up higher where it belongs. I will need to add a gusset which is in the next lesson so stay tuned.

 Even though I know my problem spots before I took this class I have now learned how to correct it on my patterns. I have a few garments in my closet that are waiting for adjustments because they have been unworn due to sleeve issues.
This Class is currently on sale for $29.99, 40% off the regular price if you are interested in taking the class.


  1. I think I'll give the gusset a try too, whenever I get around to applying my changes to my pattern :)

  2. I have made gussets in the past, both under arm and to lengthen pants from waist to crotch. Not hard and work very well.

  3. Glad to know it is not hard, hopefully I agree. I think they are a good idea and wonder why they are not used anymore.
    Thanks for the encouragement.