Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Progress made on the Embroidered Kimono

All of you suggested the Green Satin and I love the recent comment of coral silk embroidery floss. I washed the satin fabric on delicate in my washer and left the fabric flat to dry.
I have folded my fabric in half to fit the pattern and used pattern weights
(and other household objects) to hold the pattern down since my pattern is thick brown paper it is difficult to use pins.

 I cut out the slippery fabric with success. The instructions suggest that you do the embroidery before the robe is assembled. I am leaning towards lining the robe to help to protect and cover the embroidery threads.

Here are the embroidery patterns that came with the pattern.

I have this pattern from my vintage stash. I think this pattern would fit very easily on the back easily but I like the other flowers better. I am not sure which one I will use yet.

I think it will work nicely. Now off to my local fabulous fabric store Nancys Sewing Basket for embroidery floss.

         Pretty Silk Embroidery Floss...so many colors to choose from

I have decided on these for the flowers

                                          More Inspiration.

                                                                  Leaves of Tea


I plan to practice the embroidery while catching up on the last few episodes of Project Runway.


  1. That kimono is going to be stunning. I love your inspiration.


  2. Oh man, that embroidery is going to be beautiful! My only foray into embroidery was for a quilt I made my niece. By the time I finished the last block, I was actually pretty good at it :P But I don't think I'd have the stamina to tackle a project like the kimono. Can't wait to see what it'll look like finished!

    1. We shall see if I have the stamina. I am starting with a few flowers and leaves on the back.

  3. Adding embroidery to clothes you already own is a fantastic way to make something old look new again. Designing hand embroidery on clothes takes substantial sewing skills, so be sure you are comfortable with sewing and embroidering before taking on this project.

  4. Hello! I love your patterns, I did a test run of this Rarity (to put on a fleece hat) but I ran into some trouble. It seemed as if the pattern shifted (the body outline) and the mane/tail had issues. I think it was something that was wrong with my fabric/stabilizer. Do you have any tips for embroidering on fleece?