Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School:Sew the Perfect Fit Part 2

I watched the rest of the lesson 6, transferring the muslin adjustments to the paper pattern for the front and back bodice. The lesson uses two different models covering many different common fit issues.
There was an abundance of information and by the time Lynda was working on the second model's pattern adjustments I was tired. I paid attention mostly to the first models pattern adjustments because that was most similar to mine. Lynda encourages the students to watch the lessons as many times as you would like and post questions on the platform. With all of my new found knowledge off I go to complete the  paper pattern adjusting for my front and back bodice.

The first adjustment was to measure the cut across the top of the bust and cut the paper pattern angling at the apex then over to the middle of the dart. Next I attached paper to fill in the area that was replaced with fabric the tape down and re draw the center line on grain and the bust dart. The last part was the adjustment of the lower dart to allow for the space needed in the waist. 

Here are my adjustments for my  back bodice onto my paper pattern. This one was much simpler with an adjustment in the length and the dart to allow for more space in the waist. I will true up my cutting and seam lines and be all ready to try another muslin or baste in the one I have.

Lynda amazes me again the transformation for these two women is incredible. The muslins fit better and are so much more flattering and who doesn't want that. A big reason many of us sew is to improve the fit of our clothes.
Join me next week, as I continue on to the lesson 7: the lower body. 

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