Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Bombshell

                                                       The Bombshell Bathing Suit

Over the weekend in between embroidery I needed and something  simple and quick to work on. I tend to get bored on my projects if they can not be completed quickly enough.
We are taking a trip to Pasadena for a wedding and my vintage loving daughter wanted a swimsuit. She was impressed with My Bombshell Swimsuit but wanted a two piece instead. She had previously taken a class from Made Sewing Studio and made a successful swimsuit top that she really liked.

                      The pattern was from Mrs. Depew on Etsy. 

           She ended up sewing the bottoms from Butterick 4526.

She was disappointed with the look of the bottoms and wanted something with a little more classic vintage style. Since I was looking for a small simple project, I offered to make her the bottoms and she could do the top before our trip.
In between several household chores I blocked 2 hours to spend on sewing on Saturday and Sunday.

 Bombshell Bikini Day 1:

Cutting out the Red fabric. I love the color.

The most difficult part is the gathering and lining up the sides of the back.

I used lots of pins to have even gathers and hold the fabric in place.

Completed back of the swimsuit.

Front lining and Back assembled.

All of the layers together and ready to sew sides.

Elastic inserted in top of leg opening only and ready for a fitting.
Completed in 2 Hours.

Bombshell Bikini Day 2:

A little early morning Math.

All done!! Front of Swimsuit.


This was really fun to sew the second time. I referred back to the sew along as I sewed but found I didn't need to very much. It is funny to think when I started on my Bombshell I was very intimidated by the idea of sewing a swimsuit and now I am considering it an easy fun project to do in between the tedious embroidery. Maybe that will be less intimidating soon.
I should sew some favorite patterns a second time as it is much easier. I guess my Vogue 8766 from the Perfect Fit will become that tried and true.
When she completes the top I will post more  photos of the top and bottom together.


  1. This is on my sewing wishlist :)

    1. You should make it. It would look fabulous on you.

  2. I'll have the camera ready for you 2 in those suits, when I see you in Palm Springs!