Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Week of Embroidery

The 1933 embroidered Kimono is going to take a bit of time. I wanted to blog about it but work on other things in the process. I have decided on weekly updates for the project. Here is the last week of progress on the embroidery. 

Day 1: I 
had decided that I would take my time and do the embroidery like my inspiration kimonos but maybe less of it. I was in need of a few more shades of the coral peachy pinks so I strolled down to my favorite local fabric and notions store Nancy's Sewing Basket. While I was deciding on the threads I had a conversation with Susan who is the ribbon room expert and as it turns out also an avid embroiderer. I showed her my pattern, fabric swatch and my inspiration photo. She recommended that I do smaller easy projects in between, as this sort of project is not meant to be done in a few days.
She suggested that I pad the hoop with twill tape to keep the hoop from making a mark on the fabric.
As we talked about blending colors using 1-2 strands of the silk floss her enthusiasm was apparent and I was excited to quickly return home and stitch some roses.
I purchased 5 1/2 yards of the twill tape which covered my 7 inch embroidery hoop easily along with  several more packages of silk floss.  The Lovely Ladies at Nancy's reminded me that your hand stitches are not meant to be perfect it shows that it was done by hand and not a machine. 

I machine overlocked the edges to prevent further unraveling.

 After dinner and clean up I sat down to embroider while the rest of my family continued their heated monopoly game, my two teenage daughters had decided to team up against my husband and it was getting ugly.

I was pleased with how pretty my flower was beginning to look with the colors blending.

Day 2: More of the same
Day 3: Nothing....

Day 4:

If you are looking closely  then you will notice that I pulled the one petal apart as I didn't like the stitches as, they were becoming too loose.I am trying to do a padded satin stitch.

Day 5:My plan to embroider in the evening did not happen.

Day 6: Nothing accomplished on this day. I worked and really can not stand to use my hands working as a Dental Hygienist. Instead I helped my daughter prepare for the yard Sale.

Day 7: Yeah!! Very productive today almost completed a rose and another flower while having a neighborhood yard sale. 
On a side note one of the neighbors had some beautiful antique Singer sewing machines for sale. They needed some clean up and a few were rusty but really beautiful. I plan to go back today after work and take a closer look.

I am no expert yet but, I think I am slowly improving. This time I did more short and long stitches and added in more color. I think it is interesting how much different this photo looks in the different lighting. 

I will continue to work away at this and post weekly as to not bore you terribly with the tedious task. I am taking a trip soon so I should be able to get something accomplished on the plane. My goal is to complete the back of the kimono by mid September. 


  1. I love that you have taken on this project. I am following along and it's nice to know that there's help/inspiration at Nancy's - someplace I wouldn't have expected - regarding hand embroidery. I will look forward to more updates as you work. I am also liking your embroidery - nice job.

  2. Looks beautiful to me! I used to do a lot of embroidery. Seeing yours makes me want to start again.