Friday, August 9, 2013

1933 Embroidered Kimono

Pamoolah Vintage on Etsy
 I can't seem to get that Old Hollywood glamour dressing gown out of my head. 
While reading the pattern instructions, I came across some suggestions that I found interesting "There is nothing more necessary to the wardrobe of the woman of good taste and refinement, whatever the time of year, than a dressing gown. Good models, hand embroidered, are highly priced in the shops, but the clever needlewoman can make one for herself at half the cost. What could be smarter, simpler,or more easily made than the one sketched here, with its graceful kimono sleeves, made practical by a slash at the side as well as the lower edge to slip the arm through?  Gertrude Mason.

I want to have good taste and be refined, and I do like to think I am a clever needlewomen. I am ready for the task.

My drafting starts with a few measurements:
1. Length of gown from "nape" of neck down center back to bottom of hem.
2. Length of back from "nape" of neck to waist line.
3. Length of sleeve from neck point, across shoulder and down arm.
4. Width of bust.
5. Width of hem (exclusive of wrap-over).
That all sounds simple enough except the last one, I am going to go with the average measurement that the pattern provides. Hopefully this works. I grabbed my supplies along with a glass of wine and followed the minimal instructions provided. It was really much simpler than I thought which leaves me thinking I must have done something wrong.

         Well, I think it looks like the sketch provided with the pattern.

                           Which Fabric to use from my stash ?

                                          Ivory Satin Charmeuse from

                         Navy Silk Charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics.

                                  Green satin from Pacific Fabrics

                         Champagne Radiance cotton silk blend 

Any suggestions? I am leaning towards the green, it has a fabulous feel and I think it would look lovely with embroidery. 
The Navy Silk is absolutely exquisite, but I am nervous using such expensive fabric since this is somewhat experimental. I originally purchased it for a pair of silk pajamas. What is your vote?


  1. Naturally, I prefer the green. Will you use silk embroidery thread? As for the design looking simple, the kimono is a simple design. I have given workshops on making kimonos for dolls from vintage hankies. Love what you are doing. Make me one next!!!

  2. I think the green would be beautiful!

  3. Another vote for green! I would look luxurious! :)

    1. It* would... sheesh, can't spell today, apparently :P

  4. Thank you ladies for the help.
    It looks like Green is the winner. I am excited to cut it out and get started.

  5. Green and coral embroidery thread?

    1. That woudl be a pretty combination. Thanks for the idea.