Thursday, August 29, 2013

American Sewing Guild?

I am not sure why I never realized ASG even existed. When I was shopping at Nancy's Sewing Basket recently I picked up a brochure after I was informed from one of the employees that the store gives a discount to members. 
Well those who know me know that I am a girl who likes a bargain and I am in Nancy's frequently so an additional discount helps. I decided to do a little research and checked out the website, and found more information to share with the rest of you.

                                                    The American Sewing Guild

 is a membership organization that welcomes sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels and from many different walks of life. Chapters are located in cities all across the country and members meet monthly to learn new sewing skills, network with others who share an interest in sewing and participate in community service sewing projects. Membership in the Guild gives you an opportunity to experience your love of any type of home sewing with others who share your interest. Members can take advantage of:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Special workshops and events
  • Online Sewing Classes
  • Contests
  • Special offers from industry resources
  • Members-only magazine
  • Annual conference
  • Sewing-related travel and tours

And there is a Seattle Chapter. I do not think I will attend very many of the events as my schedule does not allow many extras but I am interested in the store discounts plus it supports sewing.

Seattle Chapter
Serving King County North to the Canadian Border Seattle  WA  98101

Many online and brick and morter stores offer discounts.
Including: EmmaOneSock, Paron Fabrics, The Sewing Place, The Sewing Workshop, Vogue Fabrics, Nancy's Notions, LJ Designs, Kai Scissors, Hancock's, JoAnn's,,Nancy's Sewing Basket and Pacific Fabrics.
The cost to join is $50.00 for a first time membership after that it is $45 to renew annually.
In my research I cam e across an online discussion providing even more information.
Sewing Pattern Review Discussion

Anyone else a ASG member?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Announcing our Newest Addition

Meet Bernadette! Isn't she lovely! She came in at 11.25 lbs. My daughter brought her home yesterday from another sale on our street over the weekend. She had been eyeing her for since Friday and was hoping she would still be available when she raised the funds to purchase her.

She came with a case including some notions and little vintage smell. She has been cleaned and oiled and is behaving nicely now.

In our research for instructions I came across these old advertisements. 

I really love this one.  I am not sure why she is in her nightgown with a hot water bottle. Maybe she sewed that up quickly and easily with the featherweight, or like me she is enjoying her sewing so much she is still in her pajamas and has neglected to get dressed for the day. 

She really does sew like a dream. I know my daughter will enjoy her. I am absolutely in love with my Pfaff. I purchase it at Quality Sewing and Vacuum in Ballard from there refurbished used machines. 
What do you sew with? 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Week of Embroidery

The 1933 embroidered Kimono is going to take a bit of time. I wanted to blog about it but work on other things in the process. I have decided on weekly updates for the project. Here is the last week of progress on the embroidery. 

Day 1: I 
had decided that I would take my time and do the embroidery like my inspiration kimonos but maybe less of it. I was in need of a few more shades of the coral peachy pinks so I strolled down to my favorite local fabric and notions store Nancy's Sewing Basket. While I was deciding on the threads I had a conversation with Susan who is the ribbon room expert and as it turns out also an avid embroiderer. I showed her my pattern, fabric swatch and my inspiration photo. She recommended that I do smaller easy projects in between, as this sort of project is not meant to be done in a few days.
She suggested that I pad the hoop with twill tape to keep the hoop from making a mark on the fabric.
As we talked about blending colors using 1-2 strands of the silk floss her enthusiasm was apparent and I was excited to quickly return home and stitch some roses.
I purchased 5 1/2 yards of the twill tape which covered my 7 inch embroidery hoop easily along with  several more packages of silk floss.  The Lovely Ladies at Nancy's reminded me that your hand stitches are not meant to be perfect it shows that it was done by hand and not a machine. 

I machine overlocked the edges to prevent further unraveling.

 After dinner and clean up I sat down to embroider while the rest of my family continued their heated monopoly game, my two teenage daughters had decided to team up against my husband and it was getting ugly.

I was pleased with how pretty my flower was beginning to look with the colors blending.

Day 2: More of the same
Day 3: Nothing....

Day 4:

If you are looking closely  then you will notice that I pulled the one petal apart as I didn't like the stitches as, they were becoming too loose.I am trying to do a padded satin stitch.

Day 5:My plan to embroider in the evening did not happen.

Day 6: Nothing accomplished on this day. I worked and really can not stand to use my hands working as a Dental Hygienist. Instead I helped my daughter prepare for the yard Sale.

Day 7: Yeah!! Very productive today almost completed a rose and another flower while having a neighborhood yard sale. 
On a side note one of the neighbors had some beautiful antique Singer sewing machines for sale. They needed some clean up and a few were rusty but really beautiful. I plan to go back today after work and take a closer look.

I am no expert yet but, I think I am slowly improving. This time I did more short and long stitches and added in more color. I think it is interesting how much different this photo looks in the different lighting. 

I will continue to work away at this and post weekly as to not bore you terribly with the tedious task. I am taking a trip soon so I should be able to get something accomplished on the plane. My goal is to complete the back of the kimono by mid September. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Bombshell

                                                       The Bombshell Bathing Suit

Over the weekend in between embroidery I needed and something  simple and quick to work on. I tend to get bored on my projects if they can not be completed quickly enough.
We are taking a trip to Pasadena for a wedding and my vintage loving daughter wanted a swimsuit. She was impressed with My Bombshell Swimsuit but wanted a two piece instead. She had previously taken a class from Made Sewing Studio and made a successful swimsuit top that she really liked.

                      The pattern was from Mrs. Depew on Etsy. 

           She ended up sewing the bottoms from Butterick 4526.

She was disappointed with the look of the bottoms and wanted something with a little more classic vintage style. Since I was looking for a small simple project, I offered to make her the bottoms and she could do the top before our trip.
In between several household chores I blocked 2 hours to spend on sewing on Saturday and Sunday.

 Bombshell Bikini Day 1:

Cutting out the Red fabric. I love the color.

The most difficult part is the gathering and lining up the sides of the back.

I used lots of pins to have even gathers and hold the fabric in place.

Completed back of the swimsuit.

Front lining and Back assembled.

All of the layers together and ready to sew sides.

Elastic inserted in top of leg opening only and ready for a fitting.
Completed in 2 Hours.

Bombshell Bikini Day 2:

A little early morning Math.

All done!! Front of Swimsuit.


This was really fun to sew the second time. I referred back to the sew along as I sewed but found I didn't need to very much. It is funny to think when I started on my Bombshell I was very intimidated by the idea of sewing a swimsuit and now I am considering it an easy fun project to do in between the tedious embroidery. Maybe that will be less intimidating soon.
I should sew some favorite patterns a second time as it is much easier. I guess my Vogue 8766 from the Perfect Fit will become that tried and true.
When she completes the top I will post more  photos of the top and bottom together.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sew the Perfect Fit: Finally the Sleeves

Like a good student I have watched the next lesson in a timely manner as recommended by my teacher.
I have completed Lesson 8: Sleeves from the  Sew The Perfect Fit  that I am taking on Craftsy taught by Lynda Maynard. In this lesson Lynda reviews fitting a rounded and a narrow shoulder along with making the sleeve less restricting and more comfortable. Again Lynda cuts and slashes into the muslin along the lines that are placed purposely to show if the garment hangs properly. In the beginning when the muslin is created we added these extra lines. Now as I near the end of the course, I understand the concept behind it.

Amy from Sew Well  posted on our fitting session and sleeves, specifically gussets last week.   During our group fitting sessions, we did not get to do any sleeve adjustments.
I had small adjustments to my sleeve to accommodate my narrow shoulders, which is typical for me. You can see from the right the sleeve sits up higher where it belongs. I will need to add a gusset which is in the next lesson so stay tuned.

 Even though I know my problem spots before I took this class I have now learned how to correct it on my patterns. I have a few garments in my closet that are waiting for adjustments because they have been unworn due to sleeve issues.
This Class is currently on sale for $29.99, 40% off the regular price if you are interested in taking the class.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sewing Space Envy

Has anyone else been following the Studio Spotlight Series by Ellison Lane ?
They have posted Five Days of beautiful Sewing Spaces completed with a chance to enter for a giveaway.
My favorite space is Simple Simon and Co from Day 5. Which is yours?

Here is my Sewing Space.
I have an Ikea table that I purchased for my machine, along with a series of odd containers to hold various notions.  I do most of my cutting on my dining room table which is not ideal but works for now.

 A china cabinet  that was purchased for my last house but doesn't fit well into this house. I use it to store my stash and the drawer for threads, and notions.

On the other side is an assortment of Ikea storage boxes for patterns

I have plans to slowly transform my space as we finish our basement. Until then I will just keep my Pintrest board of sewing rooms. I am lucky to have a dedicated space in my basement but would LOVE to have to a little lighter and prettier.
Anyone else have sewing space envy? 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Progress made on the Embroidered Kimono

All of you suggested the Green Satin and I love the recent comment of coral silk embroidery floss. I washed the satin fabric on delicate in my washer and left the fabric flat to dry.
I have folded my fabric in half to fit the pattern and used pattern weights
(and other household objects) to hold the pattern down since my pattern is thick brown paper it is difficult to use pins.

 I cut out the slippery fabric with success. The instructions suggest that you do the embroidery before the robe is assembled. I am leaning towards lining the robe to help to protect and cover the embroidery threads.

Here are the embroidery patterns that came with the pattern.

I have this pattern from my vintage stash. I think this pattern would fit very easily on the back easily but I like the other flowers better. I am not sure which one I will use yet.

I think it will work nicely. Now off to my local fabulous fabric store Nancys Sewing Basket for embroidery floss.

         Pretty Silk Embroidery many colors to choose from

I have decided on these for the flowers

                                          More Inspiration.

                                                                  Leaves of Tea


I plan to practice the embroidery while catching up on the last few episodes of Project Runway.

Friday, August 9, 2013

1933 Embroidered Kimono

Pamoolah Vintage on Etsy
 I can't seem to get that Old Hollywood glamour dressing gown out of my head. 
While reading the pattern instructions, I came across some suggestions that I found interesting "There is nothing more necessary to the wardrobe of the woman of good taste and refinement, whatever the time of year, than a dressing gown. Good models, hand embroidered, are highly priced in the shops, but the clever needlewoman can make one for herself at half the cost. What could be smarter, simpler,or more easily made than the one sketched here, with its graceful kimono sleeves, made practical by a slash at the side as well as the lower edge to slip the arm through?  Gertrude Mason.

I want to have good taste and be refined, and I do like to think I am a clever needlewomen. I am ready for the task.

My drafting starts with a few measurements:
1. Length of gown from "nape" of neck down center back to bottom of hem.
2. Length of back from "nape" of neck to waist line.
3. Length of sleeve from neck point, across shoulder and down arm.
4. Width of bust.
5. Width of hem (exclusive of wrap-over).
That all sounds simple enough except the last one, I am going to go with the average measurement that the pattern provides. Hopefully this works. I grabbed my supplies along with a glass of wine and followed the minimal instructions provided. It was really much simpler than I thought which leaves me thinking I must have done something wrong.

         Well, I think it looks like the sketch provided with the pattern.

                           Which Fabric to use from my stash ?

                                          Ivory Satin Charmeuse from

                         Navy Silk Charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics.

                                  Green satin from Pacific Fabrics

                         Champagne Radiance cotton silk blend 

Any suggestions? I am leaning towards the green, it has a fabulous feel and I think it would look lovely with embroidery. 
The Navy Silk is absolutely exquisite, but I am nervous using such expensive fabric since this is somewhat experimental. I originally purchased it for a pair of silk pajamas. What is your vote?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Giveaways around the blogosphere

I don't know about you but I love free things and even more fun feeling like you won a contest of some sort.
I am always entering various giveaways and have yet to win any., but that hasn't stopped me yet. If you are not already following some of these lovely ladies then check there blogs out and enter to win.
Most of these end this weekend so hurry up and go make a comment or go shopping.

Sew Convert  Lace giveaway

Closet Case Files Anna Pattern giveaway

My Modern Vintage a pattern of your choice from her stash

Sew Well Amy has been taking the Craftsy online fitting class with me and she is offering 40% off the class if you read at the end of her blog post for the link. This class is a great value for $29.99.

Tilly and The Buttons has several online fabric store recommendations with discounts at the end of her post.

Gerties Blog for Better Sewing is offering 10% off her Etsy Fabric shop