Thursday, July 18, 2013

Taking a Little Time off from Sewing

I am taking a break form sewing this week while I am working. I find when I work all week I do not want to do anything with my hands. I work as a temp Dental Hygienist filling in at a few local offices for vacations and illness.
I didn't sew for many years as I was so busy working full time and keeping up with the kids. I decided that I should learn to knit. At the time, knitting had re surged as a very in vogue hobby and many celebrities were doing it.
It was credited as being relaxing, so I thought I would learn to knit. After all I did many crochet blankets for my Barbies when I was young. I surely could knit a straight stitch and create some beautiful handmade gifts in the process.
I tried to knit a scarf and it was probably one of the longest knitting projects in history. I didn't find it at all relaxing and actually it felt like the opposite. I realize I do not like to do anything with my hands when I use them all day long. I completed my horrible scarf and swore off any further knitting, hand stitching, crocheting etc.
Now that I just work filling in, I have embraced  sewing again and  with that comes occasional handwork. I am enjoying hand stiching hems and other finishing techniques on my garments.My stitches are finally looking pretty and I find I get into a sort of rhythm .
I actually have done some embroidery adding simple flowers to slips. and nightgowns. I have a few vintage embroidery patterns that I picked up on Etsy together in a lot. I love all the instructions and suggestions on vintage items.
Pretty for adding to lingerie

Guest Towels or other linens

Have you seen the very cool embroidery patterns at Sublime Stitching ?

They have really fun patterns and cute tool kits plus a book which can take you through all the stitched you need to complete these projects. She regularly has sales and free shipping on her patterns. Some of my favorites are.

Camp Out from Sublime Stitching

Roaring Twenties

As far as knitting I see all these fabulous hand knit creations from Lauren from LLadybird

                                                                   Peggy Sue Sweater

                                                           Red Cashmerino Cowlneck

It makes me want to give it another try. I have a very dear friend who knits often and very well she is offering to teach me this fall. Hopefully the second go will be better. Do you enjoy doing hand work?

I will have the completed Playsuit to reveal soon...just some small finishing details to complete.


  1. I can definitely see you in the first sweater and dress! And the embroidery site if really interesting.

  2. I really like the sweaters , I think I will be starting with something very basic. It may turn into another disaster. We will see.