Sunday, July 7, 2013

Great Summer Sewing Read

The  Mermaid of Brooklyn by Amy Shearn, The book reminded me of the difficulties of  a stay at home mother with two small daughters.My daughters are 14 and 16 now and very independent young ladies and require much less care.I do not want to reveal too much for those who may want to read it. The main character Jenny gains inner strength with the help of a mystical creature and creates a small sewing business to support her family one hot summer in Brooklyn.Along the way, Jenny makes many mistakes and continues to gain strength and independence.  It was a fun summer read especially for my fellow sewers. When doing a little research for the blog I realized that this is on Oprah's Summer Reads, and just think I stumbled upon it at my local library unknowingly.

 I Finally received my pattern in the mail and started the process of measuring with help this time to choose the correct size. I was 33 High Bust and 33 full bust so according to Lynda I will use 33 inches for my bust measurement. The size 10 is a bust measurement of 32 1/2  inches and the size 12 is a 34 inches. I decided to go with the size 10 knowing that one of my fit problems is that I am very narrow through the body and almost always have to take things in in the center and the shoulders plus the Vogue patterns usually have plenty of ease and I am allowing for 1 inch seam allowance. I feel pretty confident that that size will work for me.
Bodice Back with additional seam allowance in red
Skirt Sections complete with additional markings

I have pressed and trued up my muslin and added the additional 3/8 inch to my seam allowance to give me a total of 1 inch. I plan to cut it out do my threadmarkings today or tomorrow and assemble it the following day.It is only 5 pieces and I do not need the fit perfect for the muslin so it should go pretty quick.I didn't really feel I needed to read the instructions since it seems to be a pretty straight forward pattern but it made for some nice outdoor reading since my book was completed and I am trying to do better with following all the steps. I will review the next lesson before I assemble the muslin.

By the Way...The Great Online Sewing Bee starts Monday. If you want to follow along here sew mama sew
As readers we can follow along and participate with the community bee sewing along with any or all of the patterns. There will be time constraints for the 10 contestants but not for the community.Also I should mention there will be PRIZES from Colette Patterns, Oliver and S, Sewaholic patterns , and more....
I am not sure if I will have time to add any additional projects to my month but maybe one will tempt me into it. and I do love prizes. Along with completing my muslin, I have plans to do a sleeveless summer blouse this week from one of my vintage patterns.
What about you? Do you have anything on your sewing table?

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