Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Well I have to get on board with the rest of the sewing blog community and try the Bombshell Swimsuit by The Bombshell Swimsuit..Isn't it Divine!

I live in Seattle so I rarely have an importunity to wear a swimsuit so I do not want to purchase one of those $150 .retro inspired beautiful swimsuits from Nordstrom. However, I will be attending my brother in law's wedding in October in Palm Springs so I will have many hours poolside.When I saw this suit I knew this was the "Old Hollywood" glamour look that I wanted. Plenty of coverage  but not a "mom" suit and shouldn't embarrass my teenage daughters.
I decided since this is my first attempt at a swimsuit it would be nice to do it with others who may be dealing with some of the same issues or frustrations...I am also very nervous, not sure why but swimsuits seem majorly intimidating.  I have ventured into lingerie with some high waist panties from  Ohhh Lulu on Etsy, and I participated in the A Few Threads Loose  Ma Cherie french knickers Sew-Along and survived ,actually I really enjoyed doing these, they were quick and turned out pretty. Instant Gratification. Besides who doesn't love pretty underpinnings?
Wish me luck. I am going with Style B (in blue above) ...I always tend to go Black but I really love the blue and the red...or maybe a pattern.What do you think? Mood Fabrics has some really beautiful options.
 Since the sew along started yesterday I have a lot to do to catch up.There is still time to join the sew-Along if you would like the pattern can be found on Etsy.
Closet Case Files The Bombshell Swimsuit Sew-Along

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  1. Love the pattern! I am thinking of doing one in a floral.