Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sew-Alongs and Schedules

The Bombshell Sew-Along has started on Monday. By the end of Monday I should have had my fabric washed, pattern put together, cut out fabric and lining. Day 2 (Tuesday) I should actually be sewing the swimsuit and by the end of Day 3(Wednesday) I should be here.


Well as of last night I am here....Uggg.This is why I don't usually do sew-alongs. I am a classic first born overachiever. I want to impress my teacher and get an A even as an adult. So I am stressing out trying to catch up and considering postponing the entire project

Yes...cutting out and taping the pattern puzzle together. With a little help from my furry friend below. Which is no easy task.

Why am I so far behind...well like most of us I are busy working and caring for a family.I find that it is hard to devote the hours to complete some of these sew-alongs on time. 
Last night what I finally asked my self is "Why does it matter if I am behind"? Have a glass of wine and enjoy the process because that is what my sewing is about. If I wanted something fast I could go and purchase it. So...on that note I am going to try my hardest to do just that.

 I did decided on which style and selected and washed my fabric yesterday. My daughter who is also sewing a swimsuit and working on her muslin has been patiently helping me select the fabric. I always like the idea of color but when it comes down to purchasing I stick to neutrals.I really wanted Black or Navy but decided on White. I am hoping it will become classic and chic swimsuit when I am complete...a little inspiration.

My goals for today are to but out the swimsuit fabric and lining. (That's realistic right?)
Maybe I will do part of the assembly...but no stress.


  1. I find that it's fun to stay on schedule with sewalongs if possible - you feel like you're part of the group, the host/community might be more likely to respond to comments/questions, there might be a prize involved :), and there's the excitement of everyone's big reveal at the end. But there's no point rushing through a garment if that's only going to cause you to be disappointed with it in the end! (haha, or disappointed with other parts of your life that you've sacrificed right?!) Good luck finding your balance!