Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sew-alongs and Giveaways

 There is much activity going on in the sewing blogosphere. Have you seen the new Colette Hawthorn pattern. They are having a Colette Hawthorn Sew-along and contest.I have been torn on doing this one too...of course like the Bombshell swimsuit I am late on the start.
 I participated in the Laurel contest when it was released. I enjoyed looking at everyone's version and was inspired and amazed with the amount of creativity among the entries and it was fun to vote on the winners.I also find that when I am doing a sew-along I can stay on task and manage my time better with deadlines.I have completed my bombshell suit to the part where I need to insert the bra cups into the lining . I am waiting on them to come in the mail so I am at a stand still on that project but am confident that I will finish soon. 
Do I join in and do this dress also? .I am dreaming of the sleeveless version. Isn't it sweet.

 I have so many summer dress patterns that I want to sew most of them vintage and have started a Craftsy  Sew the Perfect Fit taught by Lynda Maynard  I am waiting on the pattern before I can start my muslin.I will be meeting up with Amy from Sew Well and some other Seattleites to adjust the fit for each other. The pattern is Vogue V8766 .

We will be doing View D.I have had my eye on this pattern for a while, and any of you that have seen the BBC program " the Great British Sewing Bee" will recognize the dress that Ann sewed in the finale. If you haven't seen this yet you can view it Free on You Tube. It was a huge success and is returning for a second season. 

A Few Threads Loose Bruno and Betty giveaway really cute sewing T shirts for the sewing nerds like myself, and other really witty housewares. Check out the kitchen towels and produce bags.Bruno and Betty
                                                   Yes I am also a Kale nerd!
 Some other things to check out if you have not already seen them:
Goodbye Valentino will have a sew-along Julie Starr Ribbon Skirt
Casey from Elegant Musings free 1920s baby Knitting pattern
Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch Free Zipper Insertion Craftsy Class 
Be sure to check out the other free Craftsy classes.

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