Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love this Swimsuit!

I have completed step VI. Heather is on step VIII completing the top view A. I am doing View B so I am officially caught up with the sew along. I have to say that it feels good.I was able to sew over the weekend and complete all except the bust.One broken needle and very little seam ripping involved. Not Bad. 

 This morning I tried on the bottom portion(bust still incomplete) for a fitting. I am in love.It fits and flatters my figure.I am very straight with very little distinction between my waist and hips. In this suit I look like I have curves, which I love. I actually am considering posting photos of myself when I have completed it....


  1. Hi Paige! may I ask if you used a serger and therefore had the needles changed to jersey ones?
    Also, Is there a method to find out the straight grain in lycra?

    1. I actually used mostly my machine as my serger is not very impressive. My machine will usually do a much nicer job and sews through just about anything. I did use Stretch needles in my machine and sewed all seams except the initial seam finish in the back legs area before adding elastic. As far as the straight grain on the lycra. I just used the selvedge, I know that is not the best way.