Monday, June 17, 2013


I am a mother to two teenage daughters and part time Dental Hygienist. I started sewing in Home Economics in 7th and 8th grade (Yes...we still had Home Economics when I was in school). My mother sewed most of her garments and mine as a child plus some pretty amazing prom/homecoming dresses that I would design.
The one I think she and I both remember the most would have been a floor length sequined straight dress with applique. She put many many blood, sweat, tears, and broken needles into that dress.

Her Grandmother was an excellent seamstress even sewing my mother's very on trend late 60's wedding dress.

When my first daughter was born I decided to learn to sew again and sewed many garments,pillows, curtains, and Halloween Costumes through the years. My daughters are now teenagers and I am now returning to sewing but for myself. I upgraded my sewing machine last year and started taking some classes, participated in a few Sew Alongs, and following several blogs. One of my greatest challenges has been fitting as I think most of us in the sewing world would agree.One of the things that I love about sewing is that you feel very connected with the garment  from choosing the design, searching for the right fabric and handling the fabric during the sewing process. I know have a few things to add to my wardrobe that I am very proud of.

My Goal is to sew new things for myself instead of buying and blog about it along the way. I really love timeless classic clothing that fits well. What do you love about sewing? What are your biggest challenges?

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