Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up on the Bombshell

I woke up this morning determined to play a little catch up on the sew-along. Since Heather is working on View A first and I am doing View B I might be able to catch up. I poured my coffee and went to work on cutting out my pattern. 

Things were running along very smoothly, everyone was sleeping in including the cat.  I went through all the steps and was really enjoying myself. Sewing a swimsuit is much easier than expected.I was all the way to attaching the center back seam and realized I had two of the same sides instead of mirror images. UGHH. 

 I thought of gripping my seam ripper but I had enough fabric to just cut another side. 
So I was much more careful when gathering the sides to be sure they would fit together properly. With this pattern the side seams are straight and the center back seam is curved. Heather mentions this several times in her blog post  which is very helpful.
Finished Back Portion...Yeah!

Now, only 4 days behind I am feeling better about completing the suit on time...Maybe tomorrow I will accomplish much more but today it is a rare Sunny Seattle Day and I need to get some Vitamin D. More tomorrow.

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